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RBC Towing and Recovery

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rbc towing and recovery lincoln il

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towing and recovery needs.
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In 1988, Robert Gaston Sr. started RBC Towing and Recovery in Lincoln, Illinois with just one wrecker.  He later turned one of his “over the road” semis into a wrecker to ensure he could provide for all of Logan County’s recovery needs.  Bob likes to build his wreckers himself, so he can fully understand the capabilities of each.  RBC is well known for their ability to tow heavy-duty jobs and have been highlighted in two national Tow Times Magazines.  Currently, they have wreckers used for light to medium recovery jobs.  They are now building a monster wrecker known as the “Headache” that will be able to expand 60 feet in the air and move 180 degrees in rotation. They perform airbag recovery, and heavy duty, medium duty and lightweight duty towing. They are Wreckmaster Certified.

RBC assists the Rural Fire Department in Lincoln, Illinois with their monthly exercise drills, proving Bob is a trusted member of the Logan County community.

Call today for all of your towing and recovery needs.

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RBC Towing and Recovery

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